• Gallery 1
      Waiting Until the Last Minute (2018-5000000000)
      Simon MacEwan
      24 October – 18 November

      A mechanism turns slowly, intermittently lifting hammers which strike thick metal discs, making them ring. The sustained tones taper off into the quiet of the gallery space until they drop below the threshold of hearing, lost in the susurration of background noise. Yet even after they cannot be heard, they persist as auditory ghosts, a continuing memory of sound that feels as though it can still just be heard.

    • Gallery 2
      Zoë Bastin
      24 October – 18 November 2018

      Bastin’s Volition is part of That which was once familiar an ongoing performance project, exploring how choreography can create a sense of estrangement from one’s own body. This project seeks to destabilise understandings of ontology through the body in movement. Bastin considers the physical body as a sculptural material to explore the tension between agency of the body and the stationary nature of objects. The exhibition of performances, choreographic processes and artefacts will draw from the sometimes-discordant methodologies of sculpture and dance, to create a tableaux consisting of objects, performances and video in the gallery space.

    • Gallery 3
      Wonky Frustrations
      Jordan Mitchell–Fletcher
      24 October – 18 November 2018

      Playing with the conventions associated with craft, the handmade, installation and basic sculptural principles Jordan Mitchell–Fletcher’s practice approaches sculpture as an ongoing process. Concerned with the methods of working, Wonky Frustrations is a conglomerate of trials and tribulations. Forces of the body are held in the temporariness of installation as recycled fragments of previous work are repurposed into tiles, rolled into coils and cracked pieces are pressed into grout. These gestures are traced in the space, leaving residues that are mediated through the tactile action of viewing, affected by the forces of attention and movement that form and deform the work.

    • Gallery 4
      A Problem of Value
      Jacob Raupach
      24 October – 18 November 2018

      A Problem of Value will be an exhibition of new works expanding on Jacob Raupach’s investigations into the structures and constraints of the archive, both in its use of display mechanisms and its construction of, or allusion to, history and knowledge. Marxist theorist David Harvey argues that a key function of capitalism is what he describes as “accumulation by dispossession” and John Tagg uses this terminology to describe the inherent power structures ingrained in the archive and the photographic medium itself. Working from this area of interrogation, A Problem of Value will draw on works made during a residency in Broken Hill in 2018.

    • Gallery 5
      The Devil's Honey
      Adam Stone
      24 October – 18 November 2018

      The Devil's Honey is an exhibition of new works by Melbourne based artist Adam Stone. The exhibition comprises a number of cast bronze rose stems bent and manipulated to replicate iconic modernist sculptural forms. Stone works with symbols and narrative to address the major concerns of his practice, hubris, jouissance and schadenfreude. These frameworks become anchor points to explore global narratives such as the global financial crisis, the rise of Donald Trump, climate change and environmental catastrophe; the disillusion of Western arrogance.

    • Gallery 6
      A Contemplation of Wonder
      Amy Hurley
      24 October – 18 November 2018

      Amy Hurley is a cross-disciplinary artist who, through intimate installations, explores our existential anxieties—the constant evolution of time, and the many complexities of the universe we will never understand. Combining basic natural elements with sculpture, sound and touch, Hurley creates a space for primary interaction and interpretation, testing viewers’ personal relationships to nature and culture. Hurley attempts to confront the concepts that make us feel small but at the same time appreciating the largeness of the life.