All applications to exhibit are considered by the c3 curatorial committee. The gallery has one main submission round each year.

It’s important that you are familiar with the curatorial vision and the physical spaces of the gallery before applying. Applications should provide a clear vision of the exhibition outcome through text and images. Your submission should inform the curatorial committee of what will appear in the gallery, whether the application includes finished works or work in development.
Applications are welcomed for individual spaces or for projects that span multiple galleries. If you wish to use more than one space, it’s important to discuss your application with c3 staff, who can be contacted on 03 9416 4300.


Applications are now closed for the 2020 exhibition period.


c3 accepts applications from local, interstate and overseas artists, curators, arts collectives, organisations and festivals. Practitioners in any field of creative endeavour are eligible to exhibit, including (but not limited to) visual and audiovisual arts, new media, design, craft, fashion, sound art, performance and architecture. We are looking for a diverse range of emerging and established artists to present dynamic, risk-taking work. We strongly encourage applications from First Nations and culturally diverse peoples, and people with differing access needs. Applications to exhibit can be for solo, collective or curated group shows. The curatorial committee prefers applications based on new work or substantially reworked exhibitions (if the work is installation or project based).


Gallery 1 – 4 can be approached as singular galleries, or as one large space for ambitious projects and group shows.
Gallery 1 is a light filled space that has one hanging wall and ample floor space for installation practice. Galleries 2 + 4 suit small to medium projects in a wide variety of formats and Gallery 3 is well suited to small, intimate projects and AV work.
Gallery 5 is a large, versatile and flexible space that can accommodate a wide variety of outcomes. Large-scale sculpture, installation/spatial practice, 2D work (large or small) or exhibitions that need a large area with room to breathe.
Gallery 6 is the same floor space as Gallery 5 but with a different wall configuration that encourages a number of architectural zones within the space and is perfect for immersive AV work.



Exhibition Fees
Please note that the fees listed below show both the usual standard costs to exhibit and our current funded prices for the 2019 exhibition calendar year (paid for by the 2018 fundraiser). Each year we calculate the funded price after our annual fundraiser. If you are planning to apply for 2020 please factor for the regular fees but keep in mind that they will most likely be reduced.




Included in the costs are:
• 4 week exhibition and 1 week in total for install / de-install
• Curatorial development and assistance
• Design of HTML invitations and email out to media, galleries, curators and institutions
• Email-out to 4500+ electronic database
• Gallery guide listing in Artguide Australia
• Opening, including drinks
• Staffing of the gallery during weekdays, including the facilitation of sales
• Inclusion in the c3 archive
• Information panels in each gallery

Artists are responsible for:
• Personal mail-out
• Installation and de-installation of the work (contract staff available for $30 p/h)
• Sitting of the exhibition on weekends (alongside other exhibitors)
• Return of the gallery to its original condition
• Insurance of work


Applicant Details
• Main contact details including name, phone number and email.

Exhibition Preferences
• Preferred Gallery Space and Dates.
• A list of artists if you are applying for a group exhibition.
• Please note: For those wishing to use more than one space, please include this in the additional comments section at the end of the form.

Project Details
• Provide title of exhibition.
• Provide a clear description of the project and its concepts and aims (300 words).
• Provide a description of what will be exhibited in the space and how it will be displayed (300 words).
• Briefly outline your creative practice and how it relates to your application (300 words).
• Specify any technical requirements (150 words).
• Indicate if your proposal includes sound. c3 is an acoustically open space so sound travels across the spaces. We’re interested in sound-based works and we will program accordingly.

Support Material
It is important that the material submitted relates directly to your application, either in form or concept. Please label your support material clearly in the filenames e.g. Billie Smith_untitled_2013.jpg

• You can include up to 10 image files for a solo exhibition and 20 image files for a group show. Please note that the maximum file size is 1 MB per file.
• JPEG or TIFF format is preferred.

Audiovisual Links (if applicable)
• As the committee will be reviewing applications on the day, please ensure the audiovisual content is relevant and of a short duration.
• Please upload your content onto a platform such as VIMEO or YouTube and include links. If your content is password protected please remember to include the password in the additional comments section.

Your website and weblinks (if applicable):
• For web based projects or for additional examples of your work, please provide the website addresses in the application.
• You may include links to your own websites, exhibitions at other spaces or any online link that shows us your practice.

Support Material List (One page only, Word or PDF format preferred):
• Please include materials, sizes and dates.
• Please indicate whether the images are of the completed work, ready to be exhibited, developmental concepts or examples of previous work.

Current CV (One page abridged CV, Word or PDF format preferred):
• For group exhibitions, please include bio’s of each member and combine into one file.

If you have any questions please contact us on 03 9416 4300 or email:


All applications to exhibit must be made through our online application system. The online application portal will be live during the submission period. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the application.

You will receive a letter approximately 4-6 weeks after the round closing date. This letter will have your application outcome.

Please note:
c3 is a non-profit, non-commercial gallery. All revenue raised from the exhibition fees goes directly to the day to day running of the gallery.

We do not take any commission on sale of work, however we fully support the idea of a sustainable arts practice and, where possible, will facilitate sales between the artist and buyer in a discreet manner.