Feeling Material: Artists

Grace Anderson Jessie Bullivant Eliza Dyball Helen Grogan Melanie Irwin Open Spatial Workshop (Terri Bird, Bianca Hester, Scott Mitchell) Geoff Robinson Charlie Sofo Isadora Vaughan Benjamin Woods (Above image: Benjamin… Continue reading

Feeling Material: Events / Actions

Alongside the exhibition within c3, a number of key events, performances and screenings will take place in locations across the Abbotsford Convent site and beyond: Open Spatial Workshop (Terri Bird,… Continue reading

Feeling Material Text

Writing alongside the exhibition Feeling Material, October-November 2015, c3 Contemporary Art Space Benjamin Woods • Matter and discussion are forces that can be perceived together and apart. • It can… Continue reading

Feeling Material: Open Spaces 8.11.15

On Sunday November 8, the Convent’s historic spaces will be transformed with an extensive program of live music, visual art, contemporary dance, literature and good food. Showcasing the Convent’s onsite… Continue reading

Feeling Material: Locations and Maps

Feeling Material takes place within c3 Contemporary Art Space and through various locations around the Abbotsford Convent and the Yarra River. Projects shift across a wide range of material and… Continue reading


to myriad fissures between wetness and dryness particulates and water round and round in the tradition of the stone which, it is assumed, gathers no moss draws a breath curls… Continue reading


Hanna Tai uses photography, video, sculpture and sound to reveal ordinary experience as poetic and uncanny. She is concerned with how objects, bodies, images and text change in relation to… Continue reading


A working model: Particles. Particular permutations, mutable and multiple. A flimsy flickering through a closed door. Ideal perspectives, becoming unstable as they are observed. Drawing the outside in. Adsorb and… Continue reading

With Elizabeth Newman and Renee Cosgrove

For Cutting Mirrors, Negative Press will relocate part of its studio to Gallery 2. Collaborating with Elizabeth Newman and Renee Cosgrave in situ, the gallery will become a site of… Continue reading


c3 TALKS 17 & 24 June & 1 July Please arrive at 6pm for a 6:30pm start A curated series of talks and live action using the gallery space as… Continue reading