Platonic Informality

Gallery 1 Platonic Informality Ceri Hann (of Public Assembly) This work invites audiences to engage in a kind of three dimensional twister, as one of a group of people holding… Continue reading

Kate Wallace

Gallery 2 Views to remember Kate Wallace Painting to dissimulate. Painting to narrate. Painting as a form of verisimilitude. Painting as a way to remember. In an age saturated by… Continue reading

Travis MacDonald

Gallery 5 Clock Face Travis MacDonald Clock Face, Travis MacDonald’s exhibition, features a selection of new sculptural works concerning time and an ongoing conversation between painting and the everyday object.


Gallery 1 Obliteration, Creation Ohni Blu Momentary obliterations, meditations and creations of a body. These practices play an important part in Ohni’s life and function as a survival strategy as… Continue reading

Siying Zhou

Gallery 1 We Watch Them to Be Ready for Their Arrival Siying Zhou The nuns at the Abbotsford Convent once used this front room to make cakes for the visiting… Continue reading


Gallery 3 Mourning Funes Camille Thomas and Ada Hale Mourning Funes is an exhibition that combines two practices that work with ritual: the ritual of making and ritual made personally… Continue reading


Gallery 6 Всё Нормально (Everything is normal) Lachlan Horn My practice drifts between video, sculpture, installation and printmaking. Reading informs a lot of my work and I often steal the… Continue reading

The Utopian Object | c3 Annual Fundraiser 2019

THE UTOPIAN OBJECT – c3 Annual Fundraiser OPENING LAUNCH: 25 July, 6-8pm EXHIBITION: 25 July – 11 August 2019: 10am–5pm, Wednesday – Sunday The Utopian Object gives audiences a unique… Continue reading

TRAIN/ENNIAL | c3 Annual Fundraiser

TRAIN/ENNIAL – c3 Annual Fundraiser 29th November- 9th December, 11am – 5pm 7 days of the week OPENING LAUNCH: 29th November 6-8pm The highly anticipated fifth project in the c3… Continue reading

Amy Hurley

GALLERY 6 A CONTEMPLATION OF WONDER AMY HURLEY Amy Hurley is a cross-disciplinary artist who, through intimate installations, explores our existential anxieties—the constant evolution of time, and the many complexities… Continue reading