Sarah Ujmaia and Kate ten Buuren

GALLERY 2 SARAH UJMAIA AND KATE TEN BUUREN THE INTERFACE BETWEEN YOU AND ME The Interface between you and me is a collaborative project by Kate ten Buuren and Sarah… Continue reading

Steaphan Paton

Gallery 5 My Jindabyne II. Steaphan Paton Steaphan Paton is a Melbourne-based artist, member of the Gunai and Monero Nations, he grew up in rural Victoria. His work explores colonialism,… Continue reading

Steven Rhall

Gallery 1 Every1’s a Winger Steven Rhall Never could explain just what was happening to me, Just one touch of you and I’m a flame. Baby, it’s amazing just how… Continue reading

Benjamin Sexton

Gallery 2 Keen Benjamin Sexton There is a place in the Gulf of Alaska where people believe two oceans meet. Photographs show one body of water (light), and another body… Continue reading

2017 Hobiennale

Presented in association with Constance ARI, c3 will be presenting work as part of the 2017 Hobiennale. This project brings together a large group of artist-run initiatives from across Australia… Continue reading

Alexandra Nemaric

Gallery 5 Never Rich Alexandra Nemaric Through her work, Alexandra Nemaric projects a cultural discursiveness that provokes responses to reality. Her work encompasses an ontological process that focuses on ambitions… Continue reading

Isadora Vaughan + Kate Hill

Gallery 6 Material Exchange | Fall Line Isadora Vaughan and Kate Hill For Fall Line, Kate Hill and Isadora Vaughan will respond to the idea of mentoring, learning and guidance.… Continue reading

A Joke Without Laughter

Gallery 4 A Joke Without Laughter Alexandra Nemaric, Aly Westwood, Angus Baird, Phil Edwards, Si Ma Va- Presented by c3 Projects A sickly green that permeates its surroundings- biting into… Continue reading

Yuria Okamura

Gallery 5 Shifting Shapes, Forming Spaces Yuria Okamura Yuria Okamura’s abstract drawing practice brings together and reinterprets various idealities from across cultures and histories. Through mapping, reconfiguring and connecting diverse… Continue reading

Faux Studio: c3 Annual Fundraiser

In 2014 c3 launched a series of curated fundraising exhibitions to assist with the long-term sustainability of the gallery and to raise money to support artists by reducing the gallery… Continue reading