Gallery 3
Fool’s Gold
Matt Fairbridge

Fool’s Gold presents faux geological samples of cast and sculpted sedimentary layers that resemble those cut out from the crust of the planet. The stratum of these sculptures however, consist of human made materials and processes alongside natural ones. By contrasting layers of clay, stone, ash and wood with plaster, cast objects suspended in resin and plastics these works will speculate on whether perhaps a new layer of geology is being created, how much of our legacy will comprise of this and how this new mass deposit may be read by future peoples.
The project considers these ideas both globally and locally and includes a series of wall sculptures with imagery alluding to anecdotes within the community of the artist’s upbringing. Fool’s Gold works to subtly and playfully celebrate the inconsistencies and counter-narratives of the town of Beechworth’s mostly selective, protected image. This exhibition is an inquiry into drawing from a multitude of respective experiences and, moreover, how the present could be read by the future.