• acecm
    Ace-ahio Wagstaff

    Language, visual and otherwise, are signs, representations, ghosts, replicants, that are ordered and controlled to convey the hypothetical, the past, the possible, and the impossible. Memetic tools, re-contextualised with every use. Abstraction has mutated and evolved through many iterations, an idea re-representing itself, an actor and a character, the signifier and the signified, it is the ghost of the shell, trapped in the shell.

  • Kubota_Fumikazu_image_rgb
    Kubota Fumikazu

    It tears us apart is a new series of paintings by Kubota Fumikazu. Six large, hard-edged abstract paintings explore line, form and colour with assertive force. The paintings act as stand-ins for a consideration of tensions, borders and boundaries between warring parties. Lines become players in a busy field of war games, in moments of conflict and connection.

  • Pippa Makgill March 2016
    Pippa Makgill

    Overhang considers the materiality of paint and canvas and experimenting with its body and edges. Pippa's practice heavily focuses on process and experimentation where the paint is left to carve out its own form. These works seek to reveal process, materiality, touch and tension between the figure and ground of traditional painting approaches.

  • ScottM_c3_Square
    Scott Morrison

    The works in this exhibition come from a discovery of the Icelandic winter throughout January 2016. The landscapes and conditions encountered are something I’ll never truly be able to articulate. At best, I can provide a glimpse, an abstract impression of the sensory immersion in traversing the surrounds of Iceland...

  • Bunker Forte Nepean
    Ash Tumer

    As an Australian with a Turkish background I have always felt conflicted by the glorification of ANZAC Day. Savas, literally meaning war in Turkish, explores how the ANZAC legend and myths pertaining to it have been used as a historical precedence in forging Australia’s ethno-nationalist identity and more recently, unjust border security laws...

  • 5_Lilach Mileikowski_
    Lilach Mileikowski

    My work explores protection and fragility as symbolic metaphors for cultural place and belonging. This is facilitated through the use of translucent clay objects reminiscent of protective structures such as shelter and body armour...