• Gallery 1
      A study in shearing and stretching
      Sophie Neate

      A study in shearing and stretching is a new series of works examining the way our bodies move and engage with forms that are designed to perform a physical interaction with the land. Growing up on a remote property in central Victoria, my work draws on agricultural equipment, farming systems and endless conversations about droughts, floods, weather, history, animals and food production. This exhibition has developed from an on-going enquiry, which looks at the physical and the emotional resonances of material, body and landscape.

    • Gallery 2
      Rock, Paper, Scissors
      Kirsten Perry

      Kirsten Perry investigates the relationship between elements of error, chance, anthropomorphism and humour. Traditionally, errors are discarded or covered up, Perry challenges this aesthetic by highlighting and exaggerating errors, especially through humour. Mould-making is central to her practice, focusing on the technical challenge of casting objects or textures not usually associated with ceramics, such as paper, foam and cardboard. This process has the ability to transform the object's original purpose and value- disposable materials become worthy of consideration.

    • Gallery 3
      Dear Darkness
      Hayley West

      What do we do with the remnants of someone’s life that have been left behind? Once the owners have died and objects are distributed amongst family members and friends, new custodians are appointed. Objects can become significant keepsakes, at times being revered like a reliquary of histories past. The ordinary can become exquisite, ensued with respect and benevolence on a mantelpiece, or hidden to be forgotten, safely tucked away in the shed never to be seen again. And what about discarded objects of the dead, the unloved and abandoned remnants of a life?

    • Gallery 4
      A breath cast in yr reflection
      Isabel Mallet
      Aodhan Madden
      Lauren Burrow

      You’re designing a house, for a dancer, a night-time dancer, who you visit, or otherwise visits you, on the cusp of each witching hour. An everyday obsession, they’re someone who swims, their body sculpted by the pool. In this house, will it pay to pay attention? How many windows in the walls of this pool? How will you accommodate the eyes, craft the gaze, lessen the labour of your pleasure? Thin like air, absolute like gravity, or apparently radiating. You might not know the dancer, nor whether something is toxic or not, and anyway it’s just a diagram, but well furnished.

      The surface of any pond you look into is slowly evaporating; there is a possibility that you might be breathing in the material which generated your image.

    • Material Exchange
      Gallery 5:
      graphemes - Burchill/McCamley
      Gallery 6:
      MILF - Ruth O'Leary

      c3 presents the final project in the Material Exchange mentorship program with exhibitions by Ruth O'Leary and Burchill/McCamley. Material Exchange is a part of c3’s larger 2017 Professional Development and Mentorship program. This program includes over 12 projects and 25 featured artists.

    • Material Exchange Public Program events for October and November

      nattysolo - Freejazz
      Date: c3 Opening - October 25
      Time: 6pm
      Cost: Free
      Venue: c3 Contemporary Art Space

      Ruth O’Leary + Janet Burchill + Jennifer McCamley - Artist Talk
      AUSLAN interpreted
      Date: 18 November 2017
      Time: Artist talk 3 – 4pm.
      Cost: Free
      Venue: c3 Contemporary Art Space

      The Material exchange Public Program is supported by The City of Yarra through the Annual Grants program.

    c3 Signal – A magnet for projectiles late at night
    c3 Projects: Jon Butt + Arini Byng
    Publication: Hannah Donnelly + Katie Paine

    Presented in association with Constance ARI, c3 will be presenting work as part of the 2017 Hobiennale. This project brings together a large group of artist-run initiatives from across Australia and New Zealand, each curating an exhibition as part of the festival program. HB17 is showcasing the work of around 100 emerging and mid-career artists. It is a free festival that will occupy a range of existing galleries and unusual sites across Hobart. The extensive festival program includes exhibition openings, artist talks, music and performances. HOBIENNALE is the first festival of its kind in Australia and will continue bi-annually.
    You can read more about the Hobiennale HERE

    c3 mentorship program: Material Exchange Aug – Nov 2017

    Featuring Isadora Vaughan and Kate Hill / Rebecca Thomas and Meredith Turnbull / Ruth O’Leary and Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley
    Facilitated by Meredith Turnbull and c3 Projects

    Material Exchange explores an expanded notion of mentorship, examining how influences and ideas flow in a reciprocal manner between artists. These relations flow up and across, rather than simply via the conventional path of mentor to mentee.

    Presented as three discrete exhibitions between August to November, the project draws out and further expands on the points of convergence and departure evident in the practices of the participating artists, including: political and material approaches to making; conceptual and thematic research as both the material of and impetus for the creation of artworks; an engagement with concepts such as environment through matter, place and ecologies; and a critique and examination of systems from within social relations, art history and politics.

    Material Exchange is a part of c3’s larger 2017 Professional Development and Mentorship program. This program includes over 12 projects and 25 featured artists.

    This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. The City of Yarra through the Annual Grants program and the Abbotsford Convent Foundation.
    Image: Meredith Turnbull, Steel circle / stripes, 2017