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  • square
    Gallery 1
    Foyer Space
    I was not informed
    Jacqui Gordon, Michelle James and Tace Kelly

    Thinking through the conditions of museums and cultural institutions, Michelle, Jacqui and Tace have been reconsidering Australian history and its presentation through filters of personal heritage and social access. Tace, Jacqui and Michelle are interdisciplinary artists working across sculpture, video and performance.

  • space-a89
    Space A
    The Wind Has Shifted
    Yumemi Hiraki and Hilary Dodd

    One cannot appreciate the concept of beauty without experiencing the wonder of decay. We find ourselves seeking out experiences that make us feel human. Intangible representations of death and despair give us a reassurance of the present. We discover a newfound recognition for the value of life. Through deep, sensorial explorations, The Wind Has Shifted merges the practices of artists, Yumemi Hiraki and Hilary Dodd.

  • brad-rusbridge-c3-website-image
    Space B
    Dream Sequence
    Brad Rusbridge

    Dream Sequence is an exploration of the psyche that finds its expression through the practice of painting. A dream sequence is a well-known storytelling device used in film and television to reveal things about a protagonist’s fears and desires that would normally be hidden.

  • luminous-echo-2-web
    Project Space
    Luminous echo
    Tara Gilbee

    Luminous Echo is a suite of photo visual works that forms part of a larger series I am developing by experimentation in the studio and dark room. These works employ light as a medium of affect, via destabilised explorations of surface and the phenomenon of retinal flooding. The result is an exploratory series, centered around a shadowy morphology of forms that intimates mutable spaces within the body. The work is based on scientific principles, phenomenological ideas and a semi-autobiographical approach.

  • Amundsen_600_pixel
    Gallery 2
    Like a Body Without Skin
    Fiona Amundsen

    This exhibition addresses the relationships between steel manufacturing industries and their mobilisation into a united national front that produced everything from planes to bombs during WWII. The focus here concerns not so much the role steel manufacturing has in WWII narratives, but rather how ideologies of nationalism and cultural belonging are perpetuated through capitalist production associated with times of war.

  • img_6509
    An Excavation
    Katie Paine- Adrian Stojkovich - Angus Baird - Rohan Schwartz - Simon Attwooll - Georgina Cue
    Curated by Katie Paine

    The chorus milled around the edge of the amphitheatre that stretched out before them, backing out onto an endless sky. A young woman sits staring at the clock, waiting. A forensic photographer bends to take a photo, the scene of the crime rendered with a cool offhandedness. The Book is dropped. Pages stick together, letters melt into sticky amorphous pools...

Applications to exhibit
early - mid - late 2017

Due by: Sunday 23rd October at midnight
Application round two is now open. c3 accepts proposals from local, interstate and overseas artists, curators, arts collectives, organisations and festivals. Practitioners in any field of creative endeavour are eligible to exhibit, including (but not limited to) visual and audio-visual arts, new media, design, craft, fashion, sound art, performance and architecture. Applications to exhibit can be for solo exhibitions, collaborative projects, performance and durational works or curated group shows.

Risk and experimentation are encouraged.
We have an online application form that is simple and quick to use.

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