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      Gardening is Not a Rational Act
      Tai Snaith, Eleanor Butt, Kent Wilson, David Rosetzky, Kate Daw, Kate Ellis, Eugene Howard, Chako Kato, Sean Meilak and Alice Wormald- Curated by Tai Snaith

      Gardens have always been a place of philosophical contemplation and creative thought: from the famous gardens of Athenian philosopher Epicurus in 306 BC, to the Garden of Earthly Delights painted by the early Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch. The process of gardening shares many parallels with the process of art-making; process through trial and error, consideration of colour, texture and composition and the creation of a complete, shared environment. The garden is also literally a site of digging up history, highlighting politics of place and activity ‘on country’, both indigenous and introduced. To mark the start of Spring in the Abbotsford Convent gardens, ten contemporary Melbourne artists who share a love of growing things will take over four gallery spaces of c3.

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      Rebecca Thomas and Meredith Turnbull

      What shall we turn into and how and what shall we become? What do we turn towards and turn away from? Through physical and conceptual processes of layering, this project examines transformation as a mode through which to accumulate experience and meaning. Sharing material research through making, and through reading monographs, catalogues, technical, theoretical, political and mystical texts the artists explore how these practices inform the production of artworks across decorative and sculptural formations .

    • Upcoming Public Programs

      WRITING & CONCEPTS: Lecture Series
      Fayen d'Evie presents:
      Tactile Poetics and Embodied Reading
      Sat 23 Sep, 3:00pm

      Hope Lumsden-Barry
      Practice-Based Zine Making Workshop Sat 30 Sept 10am – 12pm

      Material Exchange
      Artist Talk

      SHE TURNS: Rebecca Thomas + Meredith Turnbull Sat 14 October 3-4pm and post-talk refreshments 4-6pm

    c3 mentorship program: Material Exchange Aug – Nov 2017

    Featuring Isadora Vaughan and Kate Hill / Rebecca Thomas and Meredith Turnbull / Ruth O’Leary and Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley
    Facilitated by Meredith Turnbull and c3 Projects

    Material Exchange explores an expanded notion of mentorship, examining how influences and ideas flow in a reciprocal manner between artists. These relations flow up and across, rather than simply via the conventional path of mentor to mentee.

    Presented as three discrete exhibitions between August to November, the project draws out and further expands on the points of convergence and departure evident in the practices of the participating artists, including: political and material approaches to making; conceptual and thematic research as both the material of and impetus for the creation of artworks; an engagement with concepts such as environment through matter, place and ecologies; and a critique and examination of systems from within social relations, art history and politics.

    Material Exchange is a part of c3’s larger 2017 Professional Development and Mentorship program. This program includes over 12 projects and 25 featured artists.

    This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. The City of Yarra through the Annual Grants program and the Abbotsford Convent Foundation.
    Image: Meredith Turnbull, Steel circle / stripes, 2017