The sound in the form of a word
Arini Byng

Closing performance
Saturday April 1 – 1:30 to 2:30 pm

  • Gallery 1
    A Small Garden Hideaway
    Yoko Ozawa

    Yoko Ozawa is a Japan-born, Melbourne-based artist. Working primarily with ceramics, she is interested in how vessels might be experienced beyond their tableware functionality - as objects occupying a space, engaging with light, shadow, and the atmosphere of a room or building. Working with subtle tones and geometric, simplistic forms, spatial surroundings are emphasised.

  • Gallery 2
    Historical Fiction and the Order of Things
    Kate Hodgetts

    Coming from the foundation of photography, Kate Hodgetts’ practice plays with the limitations of the medium and its associations with memory, nostalgia and truth. Utilising the camera-less photographic technique of cliché verre, her work aims to reframe photography’s ability to “capture a moment” by shifting focus to surface: scratch, dust and fingerprint.

  • Gallery 3
    Give Them Distance
    Rebecca Nadjowski

    Give them Distance, a projected video and mirror-sculpture installation, explores the paradoxical coexistence of entropy and the infinite. Created from hundreds of slides discarded by a university Earth and Planetary Science department, the looped video animates a journey from Earth, through the solar system and space, returning to our planet via fallen meteorites.

  • Gallery 4
    The sound in the form of a word
    Arini Byng

    in terms of living

    as a body

    to relate or be isolated

    from things we can’t relate to

    It is as if the organic and the inorganic have re-found a possibility for intimate partnering. In this partnering, things reveal their subjectivity, while humans reveal their thingness, to the point where it becomes hard to say who moves whom, who choreographs whom, and who is choreographed by whom.” A. Lepecki

  • Gallery 5
    Spirit Work
    Virginia Cummins

    Virginia Cummins’ photographic work examines notions of belonging and connection to place. The idea of time is often skewed through her use of obscure vintage cameras from the 1950s and ‘60s — whose inherent lo-fi aesthetic seems to manifest the period of their production. This series of large-scale silver gelatin hand prints calls on the old-world landscape tradition of Romanticism and the quest for “the sublime”.

  • Gallery 6
    Ivy Marie Apa, Nice Buenaventura, Alfred Marasigan, Nomar Bayog Miano, Gigi Ocampo and Soika Vomiter | Curated by Tania Smith

    Proximity is an exhibition of works by contemporary Filipino artists from Manila and Cebu. The exhibition considers our relationship to place within the framework of what geographers have termed the “new mobilities paradigm” (Sheller and Urry 2006) - an increasingly mobile world of migration, social media and accessible transport.