Eitan Ritz – (t)here
Performances occurring:
Thur 27 April at 3pm
Sat 29 April at 2pm
Sun 7 May at 4pm

  • Gallery 1
    Eitan Ritz

    This work is an investigation of the relational space that is between; between a performance and its documentation, and between the words we use to locate. When we use ‘here’ and ‘there’ we open up a field: a performance is ‘here’ and the documentation - such as video - takes what is ‘here’ and recreates it as ‘there’. In notation, like music notation, the ‘here’ and ‘there’ of a work are much closer: the work still exists in the score without the performance. Using video, language-games and a movement notation, Eitan Ritz explores this gap between.

  • Gallery 2
    Matt Fairbridge

    Through avenues of sculpture and drawing Matt Fairbridge’s work presents a synthesis of the ancient and the prospective, the stable and the temporary and the linguistic and the technological. Using materials simultaneously indicative of ancient times and contemporary styles, the work contains almost unnoticeable relief abstractions contained within framing or freestanding structures utilised as supports.

  • Gallery 3
    Katie Paine

    Katie Paine uses collage, assemblage, video and text to explore notions of historicity and the archive, through the creation of complex fictions. Within her hybrid practice, Paine explores the way that events are documented and integrated into our collective understanding of history. The term Chronophobia is defined as a fear of time: in her work Paine explores the act of making as an act of recovery – creating new constructed images and texts as a way of creating points of stasis.

  • Gallery 4
    Every Object in My House (In Paper)
    Leanne Failla

    Every Object in My House (In Paper) marks the continuation of a process of experimentation and making: exploring notions of the way an event is constructed, whereby its components are deconstructed as a form of theoretical testing. In this work the physical form of an object is defined as an anchor point in an attempt to express the intangible aspects of an event.

  • Gallery 5
    Eliza Dyball, Jeremy Eaton, Kate Golding, Will Heathcote, Shane Nicholas, Emanuel Rodriguez, Vivian Cooper Smith, Nathan Stolz and Siying Zhou

    This exhibition brings together the work of eleven artists who are all undertaking research degrees at VCA. Despite working across painting, photography, sculptural and spatial practice, performance, video and animation, there’s considerable conceptual overlap and resonances throughout the group.

  • Gallery 6
    Urban Code
    Troy Innocent

    Cities are complex systems governed by spatial, social, operational, commercial and cultural codes. They are layered with digital and material traces and are permeated with clouds of data. Our encounters with cities occur at various scales of public space: micro and macro, monumental and intimate, transient and permanent, personal and public, individual and collective.