• foyerc3web88
    Gallery 1 - Foyer Space
    Sophie Takach

    A life, live event to live the finite pressed against an exponential wait seething still spoilt waste weight for the end under a slide. Drawing on a deep interest in science and the underlying physical processes that make up the material world, Sophie Takách exploits the interactions between force and matter to capture transitional states of change.

  • surfaceglaze_2015_sq_bild2_courtesy_effinger
    Space A
    An Extraterrestrial Experience
    Anastasia Booth
    Emma Caskey
    Lotte Meret Effinger
    Valentina Palonen
    Curated by Michelle Gordon

    Living in this world can often feel like an extra-terrestrial experience. Eyes watching. Words and phrases that don’t make sense. Out of sync. My body is the site of change. I will adorn my body with my visions. Turn my insides out. Create new landscapes. Create new realities. This exhibition looks at the work of female artists that use the physicality of the body and adornment to create the reality of their inner thoughts. Physical alterations representing the psychological.

  • spacebc3web88
    Space B
    Rebecca Delange
    Betra Fraval
    Will Heathcote
    Ben Taranto

    The theme of Stratum will be explored through the work of four artists working in sculptural installation based material practices. These artists are working within the context of the Anthropocene, the present geological age of human-influenced climate and environment, breaking down the binary of living and non-living and creating a conversation between action and material, and the physical and non-physical.

  • c3square
    Project Space
    Hand Conversations
    Amie Anderson

    Touching on the nature of relationships, collaboration and inclusion in Arts and Disability studio environments. A series of ‘conversations’ takes place between the artists and facilitators, through the gestures of hands - replacing mouths - and acknowledging the importance and subtleties of non – verbal communication, especially when working and communicating with non-verbal artists.

  • 570
    Gallery 2
    Timothy Kendall Edser
    Tension 18

    The Tension performance installations is an ongoing series of works based on the artist's hyper awareness of his own physicality, his large build, and the environments in which the body exists. While interested in challenging ideals of masculinity, Edser is interested in how Tension may also highlight the “vulnerability of one’s own body.”

  • lachlan_herd_website
    Gallery 3

    Lachlan Herd

    Sentinel explores potential ways in which individuals can assert themselves to natural phenomena. This is considered in the context of an era which is faced with increasingly disastrous prophesies of catastrophe from various forces of nature. 

Following the horror philosophies of Eugene Thacker and informed by the creative practice of Susan Norrie, the exhibition concentrates on mists and oozes as the unsettling and intangible manifestations of the non-human.

Applications to exhibit
early - mid - late 2017

Due by: Sunday 16th October at midnight
Application round two is now open. c3 accepts proposals from local, interstate and overseas artists, curators, arts collectives, organisations and festivals. Practitioners in any field of creative endeavour are eligible to exhibit, including (but not limited to) visual and audio-visual arts, new media, design, craft, fashion, sound art, performance and architecture. Applications to exhibit can be for solo exhibitions, collaborative projects, performance and durational works or curated group shows.

Risk and experimentation are encouraged.
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