August 2017

Kari McInneny McRae + Tessy King

Gallery 3 Viewing Zone Kari McInneny McRae and Tessy King This exhibition investigates the potential of the ‘viewing zone’ in relation to the ceramic object. Vessels and sculptural objects are… Continue reading

Elise Sheehan + Martha Poggioli

Gallery 4 Form and Face Elise Sheehan and Martha Poggioli Elise Sheehan and Martha Poggioli respond to the literal meaning of the two verbs ‘form’ and ‘face’, in combination with… Continue reading

Alexandra Nemaric

Gallery 5 Never Rich Alexandra Nemaric Through her work, Alexandra Nemaric projects a cultural discursiveness that provokes responses to reality. Her work encompasses an ontological process that focuses on ambitions… Continue reading

Isadora Vaughan + Kate Hill

Gallery 6 Material Exchange | Fall Line Isadora Vaughan and Kate Hill For Fall Line, Kate Hill and Isadora Vaughan will respond to the idea of mentoring, learning and guidance.… Continue reading

June 2017

Jonas Ropponen

Gallery 1 Dirtied Glyphs Jonas Ropponen Dirtied Glyphs is an installation of painted fabric banners by Jonas Ropponen. The banners were once sexual health centre examination table sheets sourced from… Continue reading

Todd Johnson

Gallery 2 Todd Johnson Fossils The photographs in this series were taken around the urban landscape and later buried there. Distilled over lengthy durations, these film transparencies interact with minerals… Continue reading

Marina Breit

Gallery 3 Object Dialogues Marina Breit Marina Breit has a creative practice spanning textiles, jewellery, object, and site-specific installation; in her work she explores emergent relationships between viewer, object and… Continue reading

Ali McCann

Gallery 4 An Introduction to Liminal Aesthetics Ali McCann Ali McCann’s An Introduction to Liminal Aesthetics explores the liminal phases of artistic pedagogy and art production. The works examines the… Continue reading

Laura Moore and Ron Adams

Gallery 5 Between You and Me Laura Moore and Ron Adams This exhibition presents two solo bodies of work with independent concepts but when placed together in conversation, expand in… Continue reading

Amalia Lindo

Gallery 6 Elast(i)city Amalia Lindo Amalia Lindo’s practice considers image politics through the critical application of practical methodologies such as montage, archive and narrative. Elast(i)city offers the image as a… Continue reading