March 2020

Maddison Kitching

Gallery 1 Blue sky at night Maddison Kitching Blue Sky at Night is an exhibition of new work by Naarm/Melbourne–based artist Maddison Kitching. Kitching’s works combine elements of the Australian… Continue reading

Guy Grabowsky

Gallery 2 The Magical Kingdom Guy Grabowsky The Magical Kingdom comments on the mass production of digital images while turning its attention to the materiality and new functions of photography.… Continue reading

March 2020

Matt Fairbridge

Gallery 3 Fool’s Gold Matt Fairbridge Fool’s Gold presents faux geological samples of cast and sculpted sedimentary layers that resemble those cut out from the crust of the planet. The… Continue reading

Katie Stackhouse

Gallery 4 Conversing Constellation Katie Stackhouse Choose a wax stone. Sing to it. Move it in any direction and place it so that it touches any other form in the… Continue reading

Platform for Shared Praxis

Gallery 5 Platform for Shared Praxis Jesse Hogan With Agatha Gothe-Snape, Zoë Bastin, Mitchell Cumming, Brian Fuata, Helen Grogan, Yuko Hasegawa, Hirofumi Isoya, Anna John, Haruko Kumakura, Joel Kirkham, Hiroaki… Continue reading

Antonia Sellbach

Gallery 6 Border-ing Antonia Sellbach Antonia Sellbach’s abstract paintings involve implementing systems of repetition, limitation and modularity as related to mark–making and arrangement. Through these systems, visual (and conceptual) qualities… Continue reading

February 2020

Ella Dunn

Gallery 1 Between Days Ella Dunn I began making this body of work after moving to a new area in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Although similar in many ways… Continue reading


Gallery 2 Seen Julia Stewart and Cameron Gill Julia Stewart and Cameron Gill are interested in the challenges and subtleties that emerge in painting ‘from life’. While photography can act… Continue reading


Gallery 3 Collision Penny Walker-Keefe and Lewis O’Brien In 2009 news circulated that a bird had dropped a piece of baguette into the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), also called an… Continue reading

Isabella Darcy

Gallery 4 Reworked Isabella Darcy Reworked by Melbourne-based artist Isabella Darcy is an on-going project and investigation into the material processes of twenty-first century shopping. The project explores the connections… Continue reading