March 2019

Jess Merlo

GALLERY 1 NEW FORMATION JESS MERLO “New Formation was created around the idea of eroding the boundaries between two and three-dimensional forms through the exploration and convergence of painting, sculpture… Continue reading

Lorilee Yang

GALLERY TWO I CAN STAND TALL IN THIS SHALLOW WELL LORILEE YANG my happiness is full to the eyebrows the water holds up my cheeks I can stand tall in… Continue reading


GALLERY 3 v. their body swells, and asks to be held ICHIKAWAEDWARD IchikawaEdward (est.2017) is a Naarm/Melbourne based artist duo consisting of Joshua Edward & Lee Ichikawa. Throughout the process… Continue reading

Alex Ragg and Jasper Jordan Lang

GALLERY FOUR BASALT WOUND ALEX RAGG AND JASPER JORDAN LANG Examining the significance of objects in both the public and private space through time and memory, basalt wound presents a… Continue reading

Rebecca Delange

GALLERY FIVE SHUT UP MOUNTAIN REBECCA DELANGE Rebecca Delange’s practice looks at the poetic: things known and felt but which evade direct visual perception and representation—unseen and unspoken experiences of… Continue reading

Kristian Laemmle-Ruff

GALLERY SIX WOOMERA KRISTIAN LAEMMLE-RUFF Situated on the lands of the Kokatha people in remote South Australia, the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) is the largest and most technologically advanced weapons… Continue reading

March 2019

Ruth Cummins

GALLERY 1 RUTH CUMMINS EMPTY YOUR BAG EVERYDAY Empty Your Bag Everyday takes its title from a chapter of Marie Kondo’s, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Referencing the… Continue reading

Significant (Others)

GALLERY 2 SIGNIFICANT (OTHERS) INGMAR APINIS, NICK MULLALY, JUSTIN DAVIES Significant (Others) brings together three Melbourne–based artists to explore ideas around physical and metaphysical connection. In response to this theme… Continue reading

Michael Ciavarella

GALLERY 3 SHANGHAI COMMUNIQUE MICHAEL CIAVARELLA “Shanghai Communiqué” refers to a diplomatic document between China and the US from the 1970s. The text contains a provision described as ‘constructive ambiguity’,… Continue reading

Lucas Golding

GALLERY 4 BOMBING, FLOATING AND SQUEALING LUCAS GOLDING Growing up in Queensland, the pool was pretty much a backyard staple. Many days were spent pruny and chlorine soaked, bombing, floating… Continue reading