Gallery 2
Transform into the animal you need to
Anthea Kemp

Transform into the animal you need to is an exhibition investigating ideas of how nostalgia and place feeds into one’s identity. There is an intention Where/Whose intention (the artist? Society’s?) to create new personal, symbolic meanings through representations of animals. For Anthea Kemp, the pony, poodle, bat and spoonbill relate to a state of nostalgia for place. Two of these animals are domesticated introduced species that Anthea has had close and caring relationships with. The others belong to the place: (Maybe need to define place further. You seem to be talking about a particular temporal or mnemonic place that is special to you, it could be helpful for readers to define it) they are animals appreciated from afar– in nature–still mysterious and inspiring. This physical place is also a personal and psychological place. Representing herself through animals in this place helps to reproduce her nostalgia and memory, as well as adding an extreme romanticised notion: to ‘animorph’ herself into creatures she has had meaningful and ongoing relationships with.

Anthea Kemp would like to acknowledge the un-ceded Pangarang country of the Yorta Yorta Nation that she has lived on, continues to return to and source inspiration from in her art making, and to the elders past, present and future. Anthea would like to acknowledge that the Pangarang people have been making, creating and living here for thousands and thousands of years before European settlement. Anthea has taken on a personal responsibility in researching the history, heritage, and philosophy of Australia’s first people’s land, including Pangarang country and people, as she continues to make art about her own personal history of this place.