GALLERY 1 BODY SUBTERRANEA JEMIMA LUCAS By creating instances of impending tension and expanded explorations of material as matter, Jemima Lucas’ focus is delineated through her material exploration. Through the… Continue reading


GALLERY 2 WHAT HAPPENED? SAMUEL SZWARCBORD In late 2017, five large geometric shapes were worn across multiple locations. There was no warning of the performances and each of these locations… Continue reading


GALLERY 3 FLATTENING YUSI ZANG Yusi Zang is a Beijing born multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Melbourne. Connecting the poetics of her inner thoughts with the realism of banal… Continue reading

James Little

GALLERY 4 SS19 JAMES LITTLE “I’m interested in ecology and the oscillation between authenticity and surrogate behaviours, functions and experiences. This exhibition is the latest iteration of ongoing research into… Continue reading

The Room Is

GALLERY 6 THE ROOM IS STEPHANIE HOSLER, DANIEL WARD, ERIN HALLYBURTON AND RUBEN STONEY The Room Is toys with the porous and shifting relationships between bodies, objects and spaces. Through… Continue reading