Jacob Raupach

GALLERY 4 A PROBLEM OF VALUE JACOB RAUPACH A Problem of Value will be an exhibition of new works expanding on Jacob Raupach’s investigations into the structures and constraints of… Continue reading

Adam Stone

GALLERY 5 THE DEVIL’S HONEY ADAM STONE The Devil’s Honey is an exhibition of new works by Melbourne based artist Adam Stone. The exhibition comprises a number of cast bronze… Continue reading

Amy Hurley

GALLERY 6 A CONTEMPLATION OF WONDER AMY HURLEY Amy Hurley is a cross-disciplinary artist who, through intimate installations, explores our existential anxieties—the constant evolution of time, and the many complexities… Continue reading

Simon MacEwan

GALLERY 1 WAITING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE (2018-5000000000) SIMON MACEWAN A mechanism turns slowly, intermittently lifting hammers which strike thick metal discs, making them ring. The sustained tones taper off… Continue reading

Zoë Bastin

GALLERY 2 VOLITION ZOË BASTIN ‘Volition is the faculty or power of using one’s will. When thinking through a body how can I create movements anew. To use the power… Continue reading

Jordan Mitchell–Fletcher

GALLERY 3 WONKY FRUSTRATIONS JORDAN MITCHELL–FLETCHER Playing with the conventions associated with craft, the handmade, installation and basic sculptural principles Jordan Mitchell–Fletcher’s practice approaches sculpture as an ongoing process. Concerned… Continue reading